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by Jennifer on

I just realized I never put this here!

Maker: Tie Lark

Name/Design/Description: Prism

Material: Cotton

Structure: Diamond weave

Size/Length and Width: Size 5

Pros: Absolutely beautiful! I am not a rainbow fan but, I loved the colours in this and how they were done. Stays put. It was amazing. When you get wrap in place it's like it locked in. I have never experienced a wrap like this. Sure comfortable and supportive. Weaving was gorgeous and selvages perfect.

Cons: Not a soft wrap. Almost feels kind of baskety in hand - I was not sure if I would like it, but, it rocked a DH and a reinforced kangaroo.

How does it wrap?--best type of carries,description of wrapping qualities, etc: I loved it in a DH, DH CCCB and reinforced kangaroo. It would also likely rock a single layer carry like a ruck.

I wrapped my kiddo, 1 year old, 22lbs, in a DH and a reinforced kangaroo. I usually like soft and floppy wraps and don't like rainbows, so I wasn't real sure about this wrap. It is also extremely textured, which I don't usually go for.

In the end, it rocked a DH with a CCCB and tied at waist. It is definitely a wrap like no other I have tried. All of the things in hand, made me worried, but, I loved wrapping it DH and reinforced kangaroo. When it was in place it locked in like Velcro. I didn't find it hard to get the multilayer passes in place, and once they were in place it was amazing.

This wrap completely wowed me in the end. I was actually sad to send on its way and wished I had longer to no exactly what it likes. 😉

What wrap would you compare it to?—
I am not sure what I could compare it too. I have not felt a wrap like it or since it. Thin and super airy, but, with a lot of texture and not a very soft feel in hand.

Weaving Irregularities: None

If you bought directly from the maker, how was your experience? I tested the wrap and the ladies of TieLark were wonderful to deal with. 🙂 very happy with the experience.

by Amber Wuollet on
Love At First Sight

Review of size 5 Prism

I honestly don't know how to describe this wrap without sounding melodramatic. I absolutely love it, everything about it. I've been honeymooning with it for four months straight while my other wraps collect dust.

I fell in love with the aesthetic instantly. The deep rainbow grad and diamond weave is absolutely stunning.

It wraps like a dream, so supportive and grippy enough that my leg-straightening, seat-popping toddler is unable to pop a ruck in it. It is rock solid. And comfortable enough that if a quick ruck turns into a 2-hour nap, my shoulders don't complain.

All in all, an amazing wrap combining gorgeous aesthetics and flawless function.