Meet the founders

Bernadette Betchi - Co-FounderMy name is Bernadeth Betchi and I am an energetic and spirited woman who loves art in all its forms.

I immigrated from Cameroon, a beautiful country in the West Central Africa to Quebec City when I was 3 years old.
I’m the third child of 5 kids. Baby wearing is an integral part of my identity. For as long as I can remember, I have memories of my mother and women in my community wearing their children. I remember as a teenager being taught by my mother how to wear my younger siblings. This was in a time where this part of the world hadn’t yet embraced this practiced. At the time, it was seen as something very dangerous and frowned upon by many people.

I grew up pursuing many of my passions; among them dance and performing on a stage are my absolute favourites.

I love meeting new people and learning about our similarities and differences. I love learning about new cultures, traveling and discovering what this world has to offer. I love being surrounded by diversity, it is unbelievable the richness a group of people can bring to one community.

The many places I have had the blessing of visiting across the world world have added so much to my way of seeing and interacting with people and their customs and traditions. It has shaped the way I live my life on a daily basis.

I moved to Ottawa a few years ago to attend University. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Communications and English. Those few years of my life were full of new milestones for me as I moved away from my family for the first time and married my best friend!

I have been involved in the community at different levels, using my talents towards building a better tomorrow.

Baby wearing has always made sense to me and now that I am a mother it is even more special. I am able to share my most precious passions with my son baby wrapping him, by having him near me. Baby wearing has been extremely therapeutic for me. It is and always has been good for my soul to have my baby so close to me.

We definitely cherish the time we get to dance to the sounds of music, or just to snuggle.

I believe that my baby is an extension of me and I know that wearing him allows us to experience that belief.

I want to be part of a community that shares this beautiful art and practice. I want to meet people with whom we can share our experiences and stories. I hope to build lasting friendships and trusting relationships.



Jenna Kelly - Co-FounderMy name is Jenna and I am the mom to three little munchkins. I grew up in Alberta, but moved to Ontario with my husband in 2009. Parenting has taught me so much. Baby wearing has been an integral part of that. It has taught me how to enjoy the journey and build relationships, even in the middle of the chaos life brings. I love it so much. But now my children are beginning to get older, and they want to be carried less and less often. I still want to somehow experience the joy baby and toddler wearing brings. I can think of no better way then to create something beautiful for other parents and their children to use in building their relationships.

I love crafting, and weaving has become my passion. Colour and pattern interact so subtly, that the smallest changes can create something completely new.  The potential for creativity is endless.

I am excited to be on this journey with my good friend and partner, Bernadeth. Her help and expertise allows me the time and freedom to be able to focus on creating quality wraps for you.